Arcola School
Arcola School
Sep 1, 2017 - 8:00:00 AM

School Directory - Coach Form

School: Arcola School
Principal: Ron Wardrope
Athletic Director: Eugene Brown
Phone Number: 306-455-2340

Team Team Coach's Names
Badminton  Senior Mike Callfas
Badminton Junior Ron Wardrope

Basketball Girls

Basketball Boys

Cross Country Jenn Karlunchuck/Colleen Hengen
Curling Mixed

Curling Boys

Curling Girls - Junior
Amanda Bates/Janine Houston
Golf (Grass) Senior Laurie James
Golf (Grass) Junior Laurie James
Track and Field Senior and Junior Eugene Brown
Boys Volleyball (A) Senior Tyson Hislop
Boys Volleyball (A) Junior Janine Houston
Girls Volleyball (A)

Girls Volleyball (A) Junior
Laurie James
Girls Volleyball (A) Senior
Eugene Brown/Kelly Running


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