Redvers School
Redvers School
By Commissioner of Athletics
Sep 1, 2018 - 8:00:00 AM

School Directory - Coach Form

School: Redvers School
Principal: Nancy Fraser
Voting Delegate: Alaina Pirlot
Phone Number: 452-6161

Team Team Coach's Names
Badminton Senior
Jeff Greening
Badminton Junior Todd Butler

Basketball Girls Senior

Alaina Pirlot
Basketball Girls Junior Alaina Pirlot

Basketball Boys Senior

Basketball Boys Junior
Todd Butler

Cross Country  Sherry Stewart
Curling - Mixed
Kayla Henderson
Curling - Girls
Kayla Henderson
Curling - Boys
Kayla Henderson
Golf Grass Jeff Greening
Track and Field Alaina Pirlot
Volleyball Boys Senior Jeff Greening
Volleyball Boys Junior
Graham James

Volleyball Girls Senior
Shawna Sanborn
Volleyball Girls Junior
Alaina Pirlot
Volleyball Girls Intermediate
Brittany Yates

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