Rocanville School
Rocanville School
Sep 1, 2018 - 8:00:00 AM

School Directory - Coach Form

School: Rocanville School
Principal: Nathan Bromm
Voting Delegate: Jacob Weidenhamer
Phone Number: 306-645-2838

Team Team Coach's Names
Badminton Senior Jacob Weidenhamer
Badminton Junior Darla Down

Basketball Girls Senior Candy Becker
Basketball Girls Junior
Jacob Weiderhamer
Basketball Boys Senior
Monique Campbell
Basketball Boys Junior
Jacob Weidenhamer
Curling  (Mixed) Senior and Junior Raelene Deptuck
           (Girls) Senior and Junior Crystal Spurr
           (Boys) Senior and Junior     Raelene Deptuck
Golf (Grass) Senior and Junior Jacob Weidenhamer
Volleyball Boys Senior (AAA) Jake Weidenhamer
Volleyball Boys Junior Mike Gowan

Volleyball Girls Senior  AAA Helen Swanston-Hickie
Volleyball Girls Junior
Kim Gulka
Track and Field  Monique Campbell

Cross Country Senior and Junior
Monique Campbell


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