District : Basketball
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District : Basketball
SABO Clinic - Nov 2, 2017 - 3:25:24 PM


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District : Basketball
HOOPLA Magic - 2017 - Mar 19, 2017 - 11:05:20 AM

Congratulations to:  Estevan Girls (5A), Weyburn Boys and Girls (4A), and Rocanville Boys (1A)

All four teams are heading to Hoopla!!

Good Luck!!


District : Basketball
SEDAA Intermediate/Junior/Rookie Basketball - Feb 28, 2017 - 12:19:22 PM

  SEDAA Basketball Playoffs:

Intermediate Boys (WCS): 1st WCS 2nd ECS

Intermediate Girls (ECS):  1st ECS   2nd WCS

Junior Boys (Rocanville): 1st:  Rocanville   2nd:  OPHS

                    (Stoughton):  1st:  Radville     2nd:  Stoughton

                    (Fillmore): 1st:  Fillmore    2nd:  Maryfield

                    (WCS):    1st WCS  2nd Moosomin

                    (St Mary): 1st St Mary's   2nd Sacred Heart                                

                     (Gladmar):  1st:  WCS(2)     2nd:  Gladmar

 Junior Girls (Gladmar): 1st:  Gladmar     2nd:  WCS(1)

                     (Moosomin): 1st: Westview     2nd:  St Mary's

                     (CEC): 1st:  OPHS     2nd:  CEC

                     (Bienfait): 1st:  Pleasantdale     2nd:  WCS(2)

                     (Fillmore): 1st:  Redvers     2nd:  Fillmore

Rookie Basketball Playoffs  March 10th

COED: (Sacred Heart): 1st St Olivier  2nd White Bear

District : Basketball
2016 SEDAA Junior_Rookie Basketball Playoffs - Feb 9, 2016 - 1:45:17 PM
SEDAA Intermediate Basketball Playoffs:

Girls - WJH:   ECS, St Mike   Feb 29th

Boys - WCS:  WJH, St Mike, (ECS / Carlyle)  Mar 3rd

Junior Basketball Playoffs:  March 10th

A Boys (Rocanville):  Ogema, White Bear, Carlyle

2A Boys (Lampman):  OPHS, Radville, Redvers

3A Boys (ECS):  WJH, Moosomin, St Mike

A Girls (Moosomin):   Champion:  WJH  2nd:  Gladmar

2A Girls (WJH): St Mike, Radville, Lampman

Rookie Basketball Playoffs  Narch 10th

A Boys (Gladmar):  Maryfield, Hillcrest, Fillmore, Carnduff

AA Boys (Stoughton):  Carlyle, Westview, Weldon, Moosomin 1 & 2

AAA Boys (Pleasantdale):  WJH, St Mike, Spruce Ridge, St Mary, Sacred Heart

A Girls (Carnduff):  Carievale, Moosomin(2), Stoughton, White Bear

AA Girls (Fillmore): Radville, Redvers, Westview, Weldon, Moosomin(1)

AAA Girls (Spruce Ridge):  Pleasantdale, Sacred Heart, St Mary, WJH, St Mike

District : Basketball
Basketball - Mar 16, 2015 - 12:26:05 PM

The following schools have made the Sweet Sixteen.  The road to Hoopla is just two  wins away.  Good luck to the following:

A Boys:  Gladmar vs Nakoda Oyade   Stoughton vs Davidson

2A Boys:  Rocanville vs Rosthern

A Girls:  Gladmar vs Herbert      Fillmore vs Turtleford

3A Girls:  Moosomin vs Assiniboia     

3A Boys:  Moosomin vs Kindersley

4A Boys:  Weyburn vs winner of Johnson / Vanier

5A Boys:  Estevan vs Regina #3

5A Girls:  Estevan vs Regina #2    Weyburn vs Regina #3

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