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Oct 7, 2016 - 3:28:50 PM

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As district playoffs approach, it is important to remember that in Saskatchewan the weather can turn quickly which may make travel difficult for school teams.

The SEDHSAA would like to remind ALL District Host Commissioners to pay careful attention to the weather. In a case of inclement weather where a district playoff may need to be suspended or cancelled, please keep the following points in mind:

  • Common-sense, good judgment, and safety of students should guide all decisions regarding district playoffs.
  • Address potential inclement weather situations as early as possible with all teams/coaches involved. When considering timelines for canceling or suspending the playoff, be aware of the team that has the furthest distance to travel.

The SEDAA Executive should be consulted regarding any issues arising from inclement weather. The following executive members may be contacted for consultation, however final approval for canceling a District Playoff MUST go through the Commissioner of Athletics: Fred Jerred Wapella 532-4274 (w) 435-6037 (c)

Margi Gibson Moosomin 435-3341 (w) Ryan Fowler WCS 842-7494 (w)
Ryan Nichols Carnduff 482-3491(w) Nathan Johnson Estevan Comp 634-4761 (w)













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